Day 3: Sick Day

Woke up this morning with my back screaming in pain. My back hurts from time to time. I am used to it most of the time but it was just simply unbearable this morning. Called off sick on work today and I decided to go to the doctor.

I have a new doctor now, referred to me by my previous orthopedist. For the meantime, he prescribed anti-inflammatories for the next week. I might see him again next week for some tests. Hopefully,  the pain subsides and I will be fine.

Needless to say, no workout time for me today. Without anything to do, I am binging with Lost Season 4 and I am about to finish the last episode right now. TTYL.

Day 2: The day when my leggings ripped

Well, I tried to follow the routine I set up from my previous post. I jogged for the whole length of a Lost episode. Covered around 2 miles, I didn’t check exactly what it is.

So after cooling down, I set my phone on Kathryn’s video to do some barre. And then, the thing happened. Halfway through the plies, in one of my grand plies in second, my year old leggings ripped. To be fair, you would have to give it to my plie, it was beautiful, but then again, my leggings cracked! CRACKED!

So with 5 other guys in the gym, I had to keep my composure. As the epitome of grace under pressure, a master of deadma– my boss would attest to that– I cut my plies right away and proceeded to the tendus. Anyway, I didn’t finish the whole routine, and I headed home.

But god! You don’t have an idea how embarrassed I was. I just hoped no one noticed. Hopefully not Guy From the 9th Floor. *wink

The 2016 Work Out Plan

So tonight I started my year-long workout plan. As you may have known, I am a big fan of Julie Powell and this could be another one of those Julie/Julia Project that I will never finish. But what the hell! Can you, at least,  give me a chance to see how this will go?

On to the stats: As of this writing, I weigh 62 kgs (136.67 lbs) and 34 inches  (86.36 cms) at the waist (thanks to the paper tape measure I bought at 7/11, remind me of getting a better one). At this point, to say the least, I am at my fattest, and this scares me.

So here is my self-imposed program: Starting today, for 6-times-a-week, I will be working my ass off at the gym.

Tonight, I ran for 30 minutes in the treadmill and covered 2.23 miles (I have to do it in miles since the treadmill is measuring everything in the English system, but that is 3.59 km) running and walking alternatively at 5.0 mph (8.0 kph) and 3.0 mph (4.82 kph).

Also, since I didn’t return to ballet after my classes ended, I followed Kathryn Morgan’s Classic Barre Workout. I chose this set because I already tried the previous sets last year. This gives a good stretch in legs, and this also gets me to stay in touch while I am still saving to enroll to another class. To give you an idea:

Now to work out that tummy of mine who can’t help itself but to get bigger and bigger, I tried the workout set below from Fitness Blender. It should be done in three sets, but I only get to manage to do only one of them. Sucks, right.

So that gives me an hour of work out every day, which I think is a good start. I asked the gym trainer what he thinks about the above program, but as passive as he is (He isn’t really a personal trainer, more like paid just to look over the gym), he gave his approval. So I guess this is okay for now.

But yeah, I am sore all over. And my bed has some new sheets with it. And I think I am getting a good night’s sleep.


So I guess I will be writing my way through this, as how a Julie/Julia Project is going to be. We’ll see. But I guess this should be a way for me to get back into writing. Neil Gaiman once wrote to himself:

and don’t forget to make some art — write or draw or build or sing or live as only you can.

I guess by writing about how I progress– or fail– within this year, I will find everyday inspirations.