ANTM Cycle 18 The British Invasion Episode 2 Photos

This cycle, Tyra went on and crazy and invited seven brits model to compete head-to-head with seven yanks for the top spot on the American modelling industry. This is just after we had the disappointing but-not-really all-star cycle and after Tyra Banks said that ANTM won’t be “normal” anymore.

This cycle’s theme “British Invasion” is really really crazy and risque and could cause the World War 3 between the two countries, especially when the girls start to diss and bash each other. The good thing is, the ladies this season are really really stunning. The diversity of this cycle’s beauty makes the competition really tough. And now that Andre Leon Talley is no where to shout “Dreckitude!” during the panel, we have now the fiery-tongued PR maven Kelly Cutrone taking the seat with the Tyra and Nigel evaluating these girls.

This week’s photoshoot theme: Pose as toddlers with the (original monster) famous mom Kris Jenner. Here are the pictures.

Azmarie (US) and Ashley (UK)