Moving In and Starting Anew

It has been four years since I have started writing as DementedLittleBoy. Since then, I grew up a lot starting as a naive college student writing melodramatic– and oftentimes, extensively twisted– posts  to a person trying to voice out an opinion on movies, entertainment, and sometimes politics. You really have to give it to me, at the very least, because I know I grew. My writing skills may have improved or it may have not, but then again, I still become a somebody for writing. For all of these– for all the people I have met and for all the places I have been– blogging brought me out of the confines of our home and had me experience the world.

See nothing changed. I am still the drama queen.

So what brings me to abandon the previous blog? You see, it is really difficult to come out with this decision so imagine me talking to myself about doing this. One hundred posts are something and it is really hard to set those aside and move on. The thing is, I find the previous blog too disorganized and too unkempt. It is a sinking ship, actually, so I need to start a new. Also, it must be timely to have a new place for me to write especially now that I will be focusing on my career. It is just I felt that this is the time for me to reorganize my thought and just to start clean slate– nothing more philosophical.

So here I am now writing this post, creating this blog, and hoping that I would be more dedicated to this than the previous one. Nothing will be changed though. I am still the DementedLittleBoy


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