Charice’s Branding Problems

These past few days, a great attention was directed to the international singer Charice. The thing— her new look. See for yourself.

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She looks like a lesbian. Not that I have something against lesbian nor I judge her for being (rumor has that she is) a lesbian, but what I am concerned about this look is that it is so far fetched from her personality.

‘Or maybe this is actually the real Charice,’ some of you might say. But the thing is, this is not the first time that Charice did something to make a fuss about. Few months ago, she had her botox. See, BOTOX before twenty?! Who would get botox before twenty? My point being, it seems like Charice made this sudden change just to start a fuss around her. And now here she is sporting a new look and a tattoo……..uhm?

The thing here is that, her new look is not consistent with her personality. There is definitely a branding issue here. A belter like Charice should not be styled like an RnB icon. She is not Miley Cyrus, Rihanna, or JayZ. She is Charice. I do think that Charice already found her niche in the music industry so she, and her stylist, should stick and develop her on that area. The problem why Charice can not sustain such media hype is that she changes her wardrobe too often that the people– her American Market, of course– could not identify her with something. Charice is Charice Pempengco here in the Philippines but for the others, she is just a girl with a good voice but can easily drown with competition.

Charice should not go further with this look, she needs to revert back to her old self.


11 thoughts on “Charice’s Branding Problems

  1. She needs to look young again. After all, she is young. But she won’t stay your forever. Might as well market that before it fades. It’s her most marketable asset in the first place.

    • True enough. Problem is she focuses on her looks instead of her voice. She should go back to her basics and find herself from that point.

  2. Very Constructive& valid points you raised. I hope Charice reads this blog.She have to realize that the industry she choose is a fast passing industry.People come and go.To be famous is easy but to stay in the industry & to be remembered is hard.Good Packaging is a plus,but she must have other qualities apart from the rest. She must find her own trade mark …IDENTITY is the key !

    • True enough. The packaging should not focus on her looks. She needs to back up her vocal skills kasi that is her strength. Once she know what genre she belongs in, then the packaging should follow. American market is not like what we have here in the Philippines. We like all-around, they look for people good at their own niches. Charice should find and stick to her identity real quick or else we will put that voice in to waste. Talents should not be wasted. Thanks for reading.

  3. so true…. looks does matter, but with a voice and talent like Charice, i think she really dont need to worry bout it. (just saying)

    Anyway, nice blog!!

    • looks does matter, but the looks should have her voice as the pivot. Invest on what you have then embellish afterwards 🙂
      Thank you for reading my blog 🙂

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