Masochistic Guilty Pleasure: Adele

Heed of caution: Please don’t listen to Adele when you’re sad, depressed, or your boyfriend has just left you because she might lead you to climb on top of your office building and jump from there.

I always say that if Adele didn’t know how to write a song, she would have been dead right now. But despite all these things, you have got to love her. You see, this is the reason why we love Adele so much. Masochism is everybody’s guilty pleasure and listening to Adele gives me a certain masochistic intervention. She sings about heartbreaks and however you might not want to reminisce that ex who left you really broken (like her of course, but we don’t know if that is true) but you keep on listening to Adele because she sings your love story so good, you wouldn’t mind hurting listening to her.

At least, that’s how I feel.

So after I woke up today, I found myself listening to Someone Like You in an almost excessive harassment of the replay button in Youtube. Yeah, I may have some masochistic tendencies but I just love listening to her. She is fat but she is adorable and every time I see her, I wanna give her a hug. I have a love /hate relationship with her: I love her because she sings all so good especially when she teases her hair like a beehive and I am hating her the same time because she really plucks a string right in to my heart. The good thing is that, I don’t have any razor sharp object near me right now or else….

You just got to love her…….YOU NEED TO LOVE HER.

Anyway, I discovered this song of hers and it is a great change. Yes, it may sound broken but I still love the quirkiness of the tempo. I hope you enjoy


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