Being Afraid of Backpain

Today, I plastered my back with 6 Salonpas and I took a double dose of Mefenamic Acid for the back pain I felt after I woke up this morning. This back pain is the worst back pain I ever had. I mean I have been complaining about this frigging back like hell but right now it is too much.

I know I am too young to have osteoporosis. Who gets to have osteoporosis before 20 anyway? (I know this might sound medically idiotic but please give me the benefit of relinquishing the last days of me being a teenager). Or this might be those “lamig” that those masseuse tell you but I am not impressed because I cannot see any medical reference in this. Or I might be stressed and just tired that my muscle twisted themselves just to freaking tell me to go sleep.

I can’t even think properly right now. I am supposed to be writing an official apology letter for an act I did two days ago.

This pain is not normal anymore and I think I might go and see a doctor asap. Knowing that I have taken double dose of pain reliever just to relieve this (and I am quite relieved right now quite honestly) bothers me. Maybe I might have scoliosis or osteoporosis or even GMA’s back problem but this has got to stop.

I am afraid- quite honestly


7 thoughts on “Being Afraid of Backpain

  1. First stop should probably be a good physio. They should be able to tell it’s muscular, skeletal or something more sinister (if the latter, get thee to a doc quick, obviously). Then d’O something like yoga or pilates. Only thing that helped me.

    Bug @ Bugwear

    • I definitely need to go to see my MD. I am planning to do yoga but I do not know which type. You have any suggestions?

      • I learned ashtanga, but I reckon you’re best finding what suits you best. I’m no expert, but I think if you learn Iyengar first, then you learn how to do the poses properly. Going new into the more vigorous classes could potentially be dodgy if you have an injury and do the poses wrong – although the teachers should keep you right.

        I would really recommend a physio too as they will give you specific exercises to help – I had intermittent back pain for ages and it turned out one of my ribs kept dislocating! I tried everything: osteopaths, chiropractors, podiatrists, but in the end, the best thing for me was yoga, pilates and regularish physio.

        Good luck, I do hope it gets better soon.

      • Cool, thanks for your advice then. Will definitely look at that option. And to tell you quite honestly, it is really hurting right now 🙂

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