Admiring a Singing Officemate

I can sing, yes— that is what I tell myself. In my defense, at least I know the difference between two notes when I hear it. The problem is those two notes might sound the same when I sing it.

Having that said, I always appreciate people with voices fused with air and melody. I mean, I appreciate music a lot and it will only take a soothing voice to have my blabbering mouth.

So there I was, Sunday, spending my time at the production floor waiting for the malls to open and I had hanged with one of my office mate Monique. We were bored, yes, so she let me watch her video in YouTube and there she was, singing Adele. Yes, singing freaking ADELE and by now you know how much Adele puts me on my knees. She sang Someone Like You. It may not be that exquisite but she had some talent there.

Here’s her video and I hope you enjoy.

PS. She auditioned for a music competition but she didn’t pass the first test. Someone might had done a huge mistake then.


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