ANTM Cycle 18 Episode 4 Spoiler Photos

After the meltdown last week and having Louise quit the show, the girls now pose in a British couture theme photoshoot with American vintage cars in their background.

Take a look at these photos

My take:

  • I am not liking Alisha’s left-forward-right-bent shot. Although the left leg was elongated giving her the stature, the pose doesn’t really work for her (or she didn’t work the pose).
  • The good thing about Annaliese’s photo is that although she had this very humongous hat (which is actually quite good), her facial expression isn’t masked by the head dress. This will be Annaliese’s strongest shot by far.
  • I love Ashley, I love her accent but she is really inconsistent. Although I loved her previous two shots, her inconsistency might send her back to Scotland in the next few weeks. The strength portrayed by the face is just forgettable because of the hat.
  • Azmarie looks like a future chic-Tropic girl. This is fashion forward. Her broken pose complements the structure of the hat herself. She might land the top spot again this week.
  • Oh, no Candace. She looks like she is constipating. ‘Nuff said.
  • Catherine doesn’t fail me. She is really working that magenta hair. No doubt she is a close competition for Azmarie for this week’s top spot.
  • Eboni took a safe shot. Not hating it but not liking it either.
  • Kyle reminds me of Dominic Reighard from the All-Star cycle. She has this fierceness and she definitely knows how to smize
  • For this cycle, Laura is a victim of the makeover joke. I just don’t dig her hair. But goodness, this girl knows how to bend her joints to make fantastic shots!
  • Seymone looks cheap in this shot. With that particular hot, it is so not easy to look cheap but she does look cheap.
  • Sophie has the gift of movement which Tyra really admires. Her photos are really dynamic and good thing about her is that she is in control that every movements seem fluid and picture perfect. Thus, this shot

I think we will be sending Seymone this week. So looking forward how Kelly Cutrone bashes the girls this time.


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