Missing the Julie/Julia Project

Here is a comment I have posted on Lawrence‘s blog September last year:

Okay, it will be creepy and all but I don’t care. Starting now, I will comment on every post you have.

No, I’m not a troll. I just love your idea of emulating Julia’s thingy. It’s both entertaining and interesting at the same time.

You know how I found this blog? It’s because right now, I’m halfway reading Julie/Julia book and I resubscribed myself in reading The Julie/Julia project. Apparently, I can’t find the email where i saved the link to the original blog. So in hopes of finding the blog, I typed in Julie/Julia Project and it led me to you. Call it destiny, or chance or whatever, but to hell I care. I will be your avid reader borderline stalker from now on.

Guess what?!

I did not have a chance to continue that “project” of mine.

Today I found myself trying to find if they have already put Julia Powell’s blog on again. To my unfortunate dismay, they did not! So in order for me to find a zen, I might as well read Lawrence again. I won’t promise this time but I would try to revive that supposed-project of mine.


PS. I watched Julie & Julia trailer few minutes ago and I miss the movie so much. I might watch it again later!



6 thoughts on “Missing the Julie/Julia Project

    • Yes you should! Sobrang wala akong ginagawa last year kaya nood lang ako ng nood ng movie! hahaha. After watching this, you’ll know kung bakit hindi nahirapan si Meryl Streep to play as Margaret Thatcher.

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