Too afraid to post comment?

Found this blog circulating the Filipino Freethinkers Facebook page and I found this irritatingly annoying.

I commented several times but apparently the moderator doesn’t want to engage with a discussion with me. Below is the comment I posted in his page.

Hello Mr. Boncan,

I have a huge problem with your fourth paragraph. Your justifications for the constitutionality of Ang Prolife’s candidacy are totally immaterial to the case.

May I lead you to this passage I have taken from Republic Act 7941 or The Party-list System Act:

” Sec. 6 May the Comelec remove and/or cancel registration of any entity?

The Comelec may, motu proprio or upon verified complaint of any interested party, remove or cancel after due notice and hearing, the registration of any national, regional or sectoral party, organization or coalition on any of the following grounds:
[a] It is a religious sect or denomination, organization or association organized for religious purposes; ”

The allegations of the complaints against Ang Prolife’s candidacy basically revolve around the secularist notion. Now Mr. Boncan, I challenge you to deny this explicitly and give us the most convincing argument you can think of without beating around the bush.

Thank you

The moderator of the blog has this disclaimer for comments. It reads, “Please be respectful, decent and charitable with your comments “. I doubt that my simple comment is disrespectful, indecent and uncharitable. Question: Why does he not publish my comment?



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