Suck of Ages?

I love musicals. I love Don’t Stop Believing. I love Catherine Zeta Jones. Tom Cruise is freaking hot. But, there is this thing with Rock of Ages that I almost walked out of the theater.

Rock of Ages. Starring Tom Cruise, Catherine Zeta Jones, Mary J Blige, Jullianne Hough, Diego Boneta, Alec Baldwin, Paul Giamatti and Russel Brand

I have a thing with undeveloped characters and RoA is so full of it. Unmotivated and barely established, it seems to me that RoA’s characters are just floating around the senseless plot. I have not seen the musical itself but judging the movie itself, it betrayed my high expectations for this musical. Again, I have been fooled with the casting and it led me to spend 200 pesos for an un-entertaining film.

Another thing is that the songs were just there for the sake of having them in the movie. Unlike Mamma Mia where the songs are actually seamed with the story, RoA characters sing their song without any apparent reason.

Well, now I know. Besides Snow White and the Huntsman, RoA is sure to land as one of the 2012 Flops– no doubt about that. It should definitely be read as Suck of Ages.

PS: Alec Baldwin and Russel Brand’s kiss did not help


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