that gently drops through
                    my window
 that moistens the air
                    around me
 that makes me sadder
                    than blue.
 with the wind so gentle
                    it hurts
 with the gusts so mild
                    it pains
 with the hum so soft
                    it stings
Me. Alone.

A great way to view the English language: A language pompously made by proud drama queens of scholars


Although I don’t usually talk about medieval times, Monday’s posts are called Medieval Mondays, because I like alliteration. In these posts, I look at the history of the English language.

I googled “words that are spelled stupidly”, and Google spat out this wonderful list, from a spelling bee practice site:

  • APHAERETIC – adj. Relating to the omission of the first letter of a word (e.g. ’round’ for ‘around’).
  • BOEOTIAn. A district in Ancient Greece.
  • BORBORYGMUSn. A rumbling of the intestines.
  • DAGUERREOTYPEn. An early photographic technology.
  • ORFEVRERIEn. Gold or silver jewellery.

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Snobbish and Condescending Me

People say that I am a snob. They say that I carry such a pokerface that is hard to read. They say that I sometimes get too condescending: that I am mataray, masungit, and sarcastic. The most surprising thing I have heard– and I am torn between feeling pleased and annoyed– is that I am intimidating.

There may be truth on that; after all, I sometimes feel the same way.

I am a perky person; but I cannot be perky to everybody especially to those that I do not know of. I work on a certain level of sarcasm and I leave it to others to interpret that. I enjoy making friends and I do it as much as possible. But I also know the fact that I cannot be friends with everybody. There are people who we can’t just be friends with.

I can get awkward withe the following people:

  • my crush (especially this!)
  • people who I do not share the same wavelengths with
  • people I deem to be authorities or superiors
  • officemates (terms and conditions apply)

These are not hard and fast rules. I generally get awkwardly “snob” sometimes to these people; but seriously, can you actually  blame me for that?

Condescending me

I have to admit though that I can really get condescending. Not that I discount people just because I think I am better than them, but most of the time, I expect them to think. I do not care what their educational background is but as long as they use their common sense, we won’t have a problem. (How condescending does that sound?) Let’s just say that I do not want anyone to insult their capacity to think by misusing his ability to think.

I can also have the tendency to be an elitist. I must admit there is a certain level of pretense theire and I know I must deal with it ASAP. However, I am in a point where I consider that there are things and standards that I do not want to compromise for the sake of my ego and pride. I know that I must attain a certain level of balance and I need to work on it.

Apologies. Apologies.

I think I should take this time to apologize to the persons I have snobbed and condescended, consciously or otherwise. I know I can have the tendency to be arogant and I am deeply sorry for that. I’ll work on myself. I’ll work and strive to be a better person.