Infographic: Social Media, Students, and Study Habits

Woot! Filipino Freethinkers Katipunan Chapter had a huge awesome meetup yesterday. Lots of newbies and fresh faces were all there. We are actually growing! I hope we could see them again in our next meetups.

Yesterday’s topics were Freethinking 101 and Conservation vs. Development. We had live streamed some of the comments and insights and you may view them by searching for #ffkatipunan in Twitter.

If you are interested in joining one of Filipino Freethinkers meetup, visit the site for updates and announcement. You can also find FF in Facebook and in Twitter. See you soon!

For the topic toss-up, I found this interesting infographic about how social media affects students and their study habits.

Infographic Courtesy of

Funny how this infographic seems to incline away from Facebook. What do you think guys?

Special thanks to Moonleaf Tea Shop for hosting this week’s meetup. Please like them in Facebook and follow them in Twitter


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