A Lazy Party and Some Short Updates for The Shack

Last night my friends and I were invited at Chalk Magazine’s party at Il Ponticello. The event was the launch of their July issue which features the UAAP basketball teams. To hell I care with the teams, so long as Ateneo still reigns as the king, we won’t have problems about that. All I wanted last night is to get drunk as hell as my anger towards someone is really getting in my nerves.

So yeah, we went there last night and I should say that the party is tad boring. The drinks were good though, I got a little tipsy. The food is too starch-y, I felt like I was eating flour all night. One thing I realized about the people was that they are not my kind of people. they were just there to dugsh-dugsh all night.

I go to a lot of events and parties, some of them I organized myself. The thing about last night is that I felt i was surrounded by a bunch of totally immature folks (well except for my friends).


House renovations are doing well. Marisse’s room is almost done. The leak has been fixed. They are now starting on the room I am sharing with KC. We are having a new housemate although I am not in the liberty to tell his name. Let’s just say that he is a son of an ex-senator and his family went over a fiasco following the death of his brother.

Okay that’s too much.


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