Poverty as a state of mind

Photo taken from Facebook.

I firmly believe that, sometimes, poverty is becoming a state of mind; it’s not just about the lack of money or the lack of opportunity or the lack of investment. It is not also the state wherein the society turns its back on you, making you invisible.

Society will always turn its back on you, especially when you continually prove that you are not worth it’s attention.
Opportunity is always there, and it is not always sufficient to please everyone. One just needs to grab opportunity whenever it presents it self.
There is more to life than money.

Those three are facts, those three are non-debatable.

Sometimes, the poor seem to be really really spoiled. They know they will always get sympathy and by that “satisfaction”, consciously or not, they choose to remain poor.

Inequality, also, is a fact of life. There will always be asymmetry. The goal, is to go to the other side of the balance without doing any harm to other people. The question should not be “Why there is poverty?”, the question is “How do we get out of poverty?” and this question should not put a blame to anyone.

Sometimes, poverty is a choice. You cannot blame chance, so it’s up to you to choose.


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