Charice and her Crazy Fantards

I have to admit that Charice is an impeccable singer. Her vocal prowess is unassailable– she never fails to bring a good show. I believe that she really deserves her achievements so far, and I do not question that.

But does that make me a fan? Absolutely NO: Simply because her music is not my kind of music.

The thing about Charice is that she seems like she is trying to get ALL the attention she could get. I’m not saying that there is something wrong with that, but she’s doing it too much.

Few months ago, I criticized Charice for her abrupt change of image. I criticized her for I thought that such unnecessary bold make-over might affect her entire branding as a celebrity. I left it at that and did not comment any further. Trust me, I got my share of bashing too after I posted that blog.

Crazy Fantards

For the record, Charice has a lot of fans in Twitter– and they can be crazy as hell. Since Tuesday, I have been receiving a lot of tweets from these fantards after I questioned Charice’s “fashion” statement. Well, I might have been really harsh with my tweets but seriously, my eyes hurt every time I see her. (Can you actually blame me for that?)

Charice’s stylist must had a good time looking at her right now

But these fantards are all in for hard sell. (For the record, as a practicing social media specialist, hard sell has no space in social networks). They all lambasted me and called me names. Yes, I admit that I was bored that time that I made patol with these fantads; but these people fail at so many levels making disengagement so hard. (I had a great time correcting their grammar flaws!).

Tips for Celebrities (especially to Charice)

Teach your fans some proper decorum while they are online. Your fans reflect highly on you. I even suspect that these fantards are part of an online propaganda; but trust me when I say that these do not work for you. You have put yourself in the public spotlight, ginusto n’yo yan eh, then at least be magnanimous when it comes to criticism. You can’t simply please everybody. You can’t simply force everyone to like you.


15 thoughts on “Charice and her Crazy Fantards

    • I did not even complain that they have opinions on me. I thoroughly respect their right to opine. My main point here is that these celebrities should at least extend an effort to talk to reach to their (rabid) fans, and tell them that they are already maligning the celebrity’s image.

  1. maligning? how come? we tweet not on behalf of Charice but in defense of her. She may not agree with how we handle things, but some people need a dose of their own medicine sometimes. She will not react on tweets like yours, but who will do that for her?

    We cannot blame you that your eyes hurt whenever you set your sight upon her, you can always look away dahling. If you still opt to look at her and hurt your eyes, then it is your fault.

    Beauty is subjective. You may find something ugly, but do you think you have right to complain why you find it ugly?

  2. I actually do dahling but if you find her not pretty and mention it over and over again with conviction, that is not an opinion, that is an insult.

  3. you miss me dahling? well I have given you enough attention, tweet something a bit more sensible maybe I will try to pay attention to you again. LOL

    • enough attention? just bailed dear. hahahahaha you guys were like more than ten who attacked me but then all of you surrendered. ahahaha you guys were affected much. of you guys threatened to sue me pa. ahahaha that was really “the” most pathetic move. ahahaha

      • u r obviously a huge follower of Charice! lol u r obsessed,, u have been defeated & cant accept defeat thats why u keep coming back lol losers… u will nver be blessed bcoz u r a hateful person.

  4. If u don’t like the artist, no need to insult and bash her/him. Just respect anD no need to hate, bcoz we chasters r going to defend our charice until the end!

  5. I’ve actually read some of your exchanges. (Don’t get the wrong idea, I’m not trolling, just that, I was following you on Twitter and I had time on my hands that day.). So anyhoo…

    Like what was written in 1 of the comments here, “every superstar has their share of rabid fans”. Let us reiterate on RABID. While I don’t really care for Charice so much, I think the kind of fans she has is out of her hands. It will be hard for her to teach every one of them how to behave properly in these social media networks.

    So, these fans will stay as her fans for a really long time. I guess what we (those who aren’t head-over-heels crazy about her) can do is to just be careful that we don’t get bitten by these fans and let me throw in…. respect each other’s opinions (whether we agree with them or not). πŸ™‚

    • I appreciate your input Ai. I totally agree with respecting each other’s opinion. That is a basic right and I therefore am pro assimilation. The thing here is that these fans are on a rampage shoving Charice down to our throats. That is what I am irritated by.

      PS: I don’t think I disrespected anyone’s right to opine. πŸ™‚ Have a good day!

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