Snobbish and Condescending Me

People say that I am a snob. They say that I carry such a pokerface that is hard to read. They say that I sometimes get too condescending: that I am mataray, masungit, and sarcastic. The most surprising thing I have heard– and I am torn between feeling pleased and annoyed– is that I am intimidating.

There may be truth on that; after all, I sometimes feel the same way.

I am a perky person; but I cannot be perky to everybody especially to those that I do not know of. I work on a certain level of sarcasm and I leave it to others to interpret that. I enjoy making friends and I do it as much as possible. But I also know the fact that I cannot be friends with everybody. There are people who we can’t just be friends with.

I can get awkward withe the following people:

  • my crush (especially this!)
  • people who I do not share the same wavelengths with
  • people I deem to be authorities or superiors
  • officemates (terms and conditions apply)

These are not hard and fast rules. I generally get awkwardly “snob” sometimes to these people; but seriously, can you actually  blame me for that?

Condescending me

I have to admit though that I can really get condescending. Not that I discount people just because I think I am better than them, but most of the time, I expect them to think. I do not care what their educational background is but as long as they use their common sense, we won’t have a problem. (How condescending does that sound?) Let’s just say that I do not want anyone to insult their capacity to think by misusing his ability to think.

I can also have the tendency to be an elitist. I must admit there is a certain level of pretense theire and I know I must deal with it ASAP. However, I am in a point where I consider that there are things and standards that I do not want to compromise for the sake of my ego and pride. I know that I must attain a certain level of balance and I need to work on it.

Apologies. Apologies.

I think I should take this time to apologize to the persons I have snobbed and condescended, consciously or otherwise. I know I can have the tendency to be arogant and I am deeply sorry for that. I’ll work on myself. I’ll work and strive to be a better person.


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