A great way to view the English language: A language pompously made by proud drama queens of scholars


Although I don’t usually talk about medieval times, Monday’s posts are called Medieval Mondays, because I like alliteration. In these posts, I look at the history of the English language.

I googled “words that are spelled stupidly”, and Google spat out this wonderful list, from a spelling bee practice site:

  • APHAERETIC – adj. Relating to the omission of the first letter of a word (e.g. ’round’ for ‘around’).
  • BOEOTIAn. A district in Ancient Greece.
  • BORBORYGMUSn. A rumbling of the intestines.
  • DAGUERREOTYPEn. An early photographic technology.
  • ORFEVRERIEn. Gold or silver jewellery.

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