If I am Anti-RH, this is how I should think

Earlier last week, House Majority Floor Leader Neptali Gonzales told the public that the House leadership decided to push for a motion to terminate the debate for RH Bill on August 7 after almost a year and a half of interpelation. If this would push through, the bill will undergo a series of sessions for ammendments before it will passed for 3rd reading.

For this post, let me be a very reasonable anti-RH Bill proponent.By very reasonable I mean that I adhere to the basic principles of logic and critical thinking. In this post, I will demonstrate why anti-RH bill proponents, specially the congressmen, are acting so unreasonable by delaying the RH Bill. I will also demonstrate why they should put the RH Bill in to vote so we could actually see a tangible result after years and years of never-ending debates.


Why we should put RH Bill to vote?

  1. Waste of Time: The Debate is getting too long. The deliberation is not reasonable anymore. Instead of debating about this useless bill, let us focus on more important issues and bills.
  2. Waste of Money. Each session requires millions of money. This debate, which is so unreasonable anymore, costs the public millions of pesos. Not to mention overhead costs, peripheral expenses and other lost of resources.


That is how a congressman with a proper amount of common sense should think about these debates. If they don’t think like that, well, we can only arrive at one particular conclusion…..but I am so nice right now, I would leave them to figure it out themselves.



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