Just being fierce.

I know I have been serious in this blog lately. After all, why wouldn’t I be. The bloggers were insulted as hell by a plagiarist Senator who should, by now, have thought of resigning. Well, enough of that for now. I actually can’t think of anything to blog about now, so pardon these seemingly senseless blabber.

As you know, I am such a huge fan of America’s Next Top Model. I almost worship Tyra Banks cap-a-pie. She’s just awesome and mind I tell you, I know how to smize and I know how to pose. Just look at the picture below to see how I work it (minus the booty tooch of course!).

You see, that is the broken doll pose they are all talking about in ANTM. As Kurt Hummel said, there are only three things how a model looks like nowadays: bored, hungry, and constipated. I think I have successfully portrayed two of those things– hungry and constipated.

I know, Tyra will be proud of the fierceness in me.


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