Avoid Cubao-Aurora Overpass at all cost! (Especially during evenings)

BEWARE OF CUBAO-AURORA BLVD. OVERPASS. Not only there are a lot of pick pockets there, the police manning the area seems to be affiliated with those pick pockets.

Last night around 11PM, while going home after buying a book from Trinoma, I passed by that overpass. I did not bring any bag with me that time– it was just me and my wallet and a book. A running boy passed beside me and he was so quick in getting my wallet. I shouted and tried to chase the guy only to find out that in the same stairs he should have passed by, there were two policemen stationed. I asked them if they saw a running guy and they said they did not see any, which was impossible because there is no other way they could’ve not seen him.

I gave up in desperation. I was disappointed and pissed on how the policemen treated me. They simply dismissed me. Was pissed all the way to home. So guys, especially commuters like me, be careful and avoid that overpass at all cost.


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