Happy Birthday Leo Tolstoy!

I have just read at facebook few minutes ago. HAPPY BIRTHDAY LEO TOLSTOY! Though I was utterly bored with Anna Karenina (but of course I’ll watch the movie), I owe it to Tolstoy my current fascination with Russian Literature. I can’t wait to have a copy of War and Peace and I might be able to read Fyodor Dostoyevsky soon.

Count Leo Tolstoy


5 thoughts on “Happy Birthday Leo Tolstoy!

  1. I see you’ve been reading the Russians, that’s great! But it can be terribly depressing as well. Take it for a ride, don’t rush the story. The magic is in the language. Btw, War and Peace is also a Tolstoy. If you want Dostoyevsky, I recommend Crime and Punishment. Also, make sure you get the Pevear and Volokonsky translations of Russian novels, except for War and Peace, which I hear they butchered. Translation matters 🙂

    • Hey Portia, thank you for commenting.

      I was reading this post after seeing your comment and it appears that I mistakenly related WnP to Dostoyevsky. Honest mistake on that part– poor sentence construction. I do know that WnP is Tolstoy’s.

      And I think you are right about Russian lit having the tendency to be depressing. Reading Yevtushenko, Rand and Tolstoy seem to generate an effect to me something like the Russians have this flair for drama. My fascination is on their curious class structures which is quite interesting compared to the usual European social strata.

      I will take note of your recommendations. Thanks again Portia!

  2. I think it was the period they wrote in, around the time of the Russian revolution. It is also the beginning of the genre of the novel. You see those in Anna Karenina. Tolstoy thinks it is his first novel, War and Peace being sort of a historical account. Take note of how he tries to absord the ideas of revolution in his characterization 🙂

    • Will take note of that once I get to have a copy of War and Peace. Quite honestly though, AK’s period is what interests me more than the plot and Anna’s narcissism. It’s funny how Tsarist Russia describes its own society.

  3. I Cannot Believe That Tomorrow Is Leo’s Birthday And It Is A Special Day For Him
    To Surprise Him And Remember Him In Honor And Dedication On His Birthday A
    nd In Remembrance Of Leo Tolstoy And To Wish Him Happy Birthday And A Sad
    Farewell To Him! RIP. Happy Birthday, Mr. Tolstoy!!! Miss U Forever!!!

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