Interesting juxtaposition of Klout Score and Myers-Brigs Scores.

sarah HANNAH gómez

I joined Klout a few months ago. Like most things on the Internet, it has the effect of making you spend more time on the Internet doing Internet things to improve your Internet. So obviously I love it. My score generally hovers in the low fifties, and that seems fine considering that I am a complete nobody who just writes her blog, publishes in magazines sometimes, and makes comments on news websites when she’s moved to do so.

What I find most interesting about Klout is not that they’re beastly good at making you want to Internet your Internet, but that underneath it all, they actually have a very interesting algorithm and theory behind the types of people in the (virtual) world. I love that stuff, even if I don’t actually live by it. Every few years I have some reason to take the Myers-Brigg, and whether or not I…

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