Alone. In a school. Overnight

It’s 4AM now. Mrs Laurio left me to go home and prep herself for later’s school day. I am here, alone, at my 3 hectare school and I still remember the stories of how this school used to be a cemetery, or a Japanese garrison. But I won’t talk about that– not now.

I have been working for the past 20 hours on this investigatory project for an upcoming competition. Going back and helping out for the competitions has been a yearly thing for me. I always have to find time to go back to this school. This school is special to me– I spent my most glorious days here– and I saw myself grew a lot here. My teachers are my parents; my classmates are my brothers. I have spent some of my happiest moments in my life here at this school, and I cannot help it but to give back.

I am just waiting for the students to come in for today. Good thing they have a shower stall here na. 🙂


4 thoughts on “Alone. In a school. Overnight

    • I can’t help but to feel flattered. Thank you very much. Guess I will be seeing more of you here in my blog. Happy reading! Follow me also in twitter @gelolopez.


  1. Thank goodness! response! I commented before but can’t remember where, it was about Russia, Catherine the Great sooo promiscuous ..ahihihi

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