Alone. In a school. Overnight

It’s 4AM now. Mrs Laurio left me to go home and prep herself for later’s school day. I am here, alone, at my 3 hectare school and I still remember the stories of how this school used to be a cemetery, or a Japanese garrison. But I won’t talk about that– not now.

I have been working for the past 20 hours on this investigatory project for an upcoming competition. Going back and helping out for the competitions has been a yearly thing for me. I always have to find time to go back to this school. This school is special to me– I spent my most glorious days here– and I saw myself grew a lot here. My teachers are my parents; my classmates are my brothers. I have spent some of my happiest moments in my life here at this school, and I cannot help it but to give back.

I am just waiting for the students to come in for today. Good thing they have a shower stall here na. 🙂

Happy Birthday Leo Tolstoy!

I have just read at facebook few minutes ago. HAPPY BIRTHDAY LEO TOLSTOY! Though I was utterly bored with Anna Karenina (but of course I’ll watch the movie), I owe it to Tolstoy my current fascination with Russian Literature. I can’t wait to have a copy of War and Peace and I might be able to read Fyodor Dostoyevsky soon.

Count Leo Tolstoy

Sense and Sensibility Book Log 1

Book log is a new column in this blog where the Demented Little Boy writes about his reading experience. Let this be his own Julie/Julia Project— though he has a long history of failing Julie Powell.

I have been thinking of doing something like this since I started reading Anna Karenina. I got this idea from the editor of the book which she failed to do. I, on the other hand, failed to do so because: 1) I have no time; 2) I thought I cannot find time; and 3) I am just plain lazy.

Hopefully I can write about my Sense and Sensibility journey. Hopefully.

All I can say for now is that Jane Austen’s sentences are, undoubtedly, British– and when I say British I mean it has a lot of commas and a lot of commas and a lot of adverbs. Can I blame her for that? No. That’s because that must be how they speak during those times. Seriously, I am reading it with a British Accent in my mind.

But apart from the commas and the flamboyant modifiers, I honestly don’t understand anything yet. Yep, I was not paying close attention to the plot. I won’t blame the language and the sentence construction because that will make me an idiot. It’s just, the sentences are somewhat hard to read. All I know right now is that the Dashwoods left Norland for Barton Cottage due to the bitch Fanny Dashwood.

Elinor is in low with Edward Ferrars but she left him when they transferred to Barton. I shall see how this love story develops