LSS Mode: Payphone by Maroon 5

I think I am quite productive tonight– emails are sorted accordingly, submitted several assignments, and written several posts. It’s funny seeing how much work I have done in the past couple of hours. Now all I need to do is to wait until the morning so I could attend the #epalwatch motorcade tomorrow.

Yes, I am not planning to sleep for tonight because if I do, I’ll miss the early motorcade. So after I was done with my tasks, I just went on watching ANTM 19 online and browse some music videos in YouTube.

I could definitely say that I have an LSS with Maroon 5’s Payphone. From the Kurt Schneider Mash Up to several covers, I have listened to that song repeatedly. This one is my favorite. Took me some time to realize that there are the same girls who did a cover of Tamia’s Officially Missing You.

Have fun guys.

Dressed Up Days

I am very very sensitive when it comes to the music I listen to. I like mellow songs– those music genres which are soft to the ears that it won’t hurt to listen to them. The usual items in my playlist are Broadway, show tunes, pop, and classics. I rarely listen to rock and those wreck-your-ear-drums-screamo type of music.

But Dressed Up Days is different.

Photo taken from their Facebook page

If they were an ordinary pump rock band (I don’t even know if that’s the correct term to describe their genre, but you understand me right?), I would not dare to listen to them. But when they played at Conspiracy Bar (yeah right?! Me in a bar– sounds strange) for GK Ateneo‘s BayaniJam, I was really really amused of the lead vocalist’s perkiness. She reminds me of SNSD but with a pink hair and really adorable geeky-perky combination. Love her!


Okay, let me clarify that when I mentioned SNSD, I only mentioned them for the sake of reference. It does not make me their fan nor it makes me a crazy kpop fan. NO– I refuse to be one of them. Although I have to admit that I had some time when I was so charmed by their Gee Video


Going back to Dressed Up Days, it’s funny because when they were about to play, there were some technical problems forcing the bassist to publicly ask for someone to lend him a bass. No problem about that. It was just he is so cute when he became so frustrated about what happened. Lololol. Wala lang.

So I guess I will be needing to find any uploaded tracks of this band. Trust me guys, when you hear their song called Ride, you’ll be quite impressed.

Update: Saw their YouTube Channel already. Here’s Ride