ANTM Cycle 19 fails on their new Social Media Scores

People have been asking me what I think  of the current ANTM Cycle. Well guess what, I share your sentiments. Though I learned to like Kelly Cutrone after the Louise-issue last year, I still don’t want her to be there. And as much as I want to see Rob Evans strip naked episode after episode, how I wish I am seeing Nigel Barker instead. Yes, I guess I am quite disappointed with this Cycle but since I love Tyra, I will still be watching this cycle and still root for Victoria!

The biggest turn-off of Cycle 19, for me, is the integration of Social Media. Normally, I would be the first one parading and shouting, “Hey! Tyra’s invading the groundswell!”, but this time, I am not buying it.

Although Brian Boy might be able to voice out what Social Media thinks about our lovely models, I have huge doubts on the social media scores they’re flaunting on air. The fact that we know ANTM episodes are taped says something about the social media scores– they are manipulated on a certain extent.

First, I think the participants of this “social media platform” are highly selected and controlled, obviously running counter to the very essence of tapping social media. The question is not who are these people; but more importantly, how are these folks able to participate.

Further, they say that the photos were posted for the fans to comment on. One thing they forgot to tell is where these photos are posted. My point here is that it is somehow pointless to say that photos are posted somewhere while not disclosing where they are being posted.

Finally, I wonder about the nature of the quantitative value of the social scores. Were participants simply asked to rate them 1-10? How do they translate the qualitative comments to scores that determine the fate of each contender?

It really seems to me that ANTM has gone quite non-transparent this time. I really wish that ANTM could have not implemented social media scores. Well, they can do it, but their execution reflects that somewhere in conceptualization, there is a lack of further research. How I miss how Nigel and Tyra would argue on who deserves to stay. In the long history of ANTM, they have quite established that we could trust the judges on choosing who will be the next America’s Next Top Model! I do hope Tyra stuck to that.

What do you think about this new judging scheme?


3 thoughts on “ANTM Cycle 19 fails on their new Social Media Scores

  1. i love the new edition! it’s just now that i’ve again tuned back in to the show! And I love Kelly, why do you not like her? I loved her since her own reality show, was it People’s Revolution? And I’m so tired of seeing Nigel, I think he’s boring! And the new judges are just hot & w/ substance 😉 I love Victoria as well! She’s on top of the social media ratings! And I love the social media part coz this time it’s the ones that I want who get higher scores…before it seems like whoever Tyra wants, now I think the finalists/winners could actually be the ‘top’ models of the real world! 🙂

  2. Tyra, I WA a Top Model under a different name just
    before your time. I watch every episode of ANTM. I think you do a fabulous job without adding non-member professionals to vote in on something they are truly clueless about. I am for some reason not able to link in with my. Comments. This makes me wonder how many others cannot voice our
    ur opinions. Do miss Nigel but have respect for Kelly.
    She does know the industry. I can’t vote fo
    r Liars or

  3. Kiara! and Natasia I believe the two dance winners are or should be finalists. Laura shoots great photos but in person, her and her sidekick have the worst, most arrogant, demeaning mean girl bully attitudes that are the worst! Bringing back the last girl for social media scores…doesn’t get it.. She’s petty and does great photos. But 1000 points that I couldn’t give to Kiara or Ciara. You know who I mean. Thanks

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