Sense and Sensibility Book Log 3

It seems like Jane Austen develops Marianne’s and Elinor’s characters alternatively… and I don’t know if I should be happy with that.

Early in the story we saw the Elinor-Edward love affair, then the Marianne-John Willoughby flirting scenes. We then witnessed Elinor’s heartbreak in knowing Edward’s engagement with Lucy Steele (I still don’t know the truth about that– still hoping that it is not true) and the next thing we knew, Marianne was breaking down about “Willoughby’s impertenence”. It is quite obvious that their subplots are very much distinct from each other, and honestly, it what makes the story quite bland.

Maybe this is the reason why I am not liking this particular story– it is full of whining. Whining about the unfair partition of inheritance, whining about their boys, etc. I am looking for the complicatin, the point where the character should be in a huge dilemma. The point where the character’s choice makes a great impact on the course of the story. But here, I cannot find it yet– and I am three-quarters done with the book.

Guess I need to spend few more days so I could finally finish this book and move-on to my next one (which I haven’t bought yet).


6 thoughts on “Sense and Sensibility Book Log 3

  1. Nope, no big dilemmas for Jane Austen, no big conflict. Its all subtleties. The best thing is supposed to be in the language and how the story will slowly unfold and come together. It has no big dramas. It’s Jane Austen and her creation of the romance genre 🙂

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  3. I have seen the movie years ago, I like it with Emma Thompson, but now I’m confuse with 2 if it was with Hopkins ? or?? hmm …my senior moments.

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