Rewatching: Julie and Julia

Now watching: Julie and Julia. Again. This is my second time watching this one. Surprised? Yes I know. I can’t even believe it myself. I love this movie so much that it almost has been my life peg and I am just watching it for the second time. But that is not relevant. What is more interesting is that while I’m watching the movie, I visited my now-dead blog I started exactly two years ago.


So here I am reposting my first post on that blog.

If you are familiar with the Julie/Julia Project or if you had watched the 2009 movie Julie and Juliastarring Amy Adams and the ever-dashing Meryl Streep, then you may feel very much familiar with the format of this blog. Yes, I was inspired by the idea of Julie Powell to do this project. But why make this blog? Let see: (1) I have nothing to do with my life and (2) I am freaking bored with it. So yeah, because I want to have a productive life, I do hereby commit for the total success of this blog and I will do anything, except dying and starving, to write for the sake of doing something.

So now the challenge.

100 Greatest Movies of the 1990′s as listed by 180 days of my precious life. Therefore, 6 months of making my eyes swell from radiation. No, I will not write movie reviews, so don’t expect to read about the framing and cinematography ad the effects. I will just write reflections from these movies. That’s it!
100 Movies. 180 Days. What will life has to offer me?

And now you know what happened. I failed. I didn’t even get to watch the 99th movie which is The Last of the Mohicans.

Oh well, I will just enjoy Julie and Julia.


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