The Help and Racism: A quick trip to memory lane

I recently reposted an article in Facebook about how racist Filipinos can get. It has been my observation how most of us take one’s complexion against someone. The scenario is more often than not is like this: Here enters a person with a darker complexion and then flies the insults.

Yes, I take this quite personally as I used to be taunted for having a darker complexion. No, I do not have foreign blood, it’s just my complexion is darker than what my high school classmates deem as beautiful. I get taunted for being dark for now apparent reason. Yes, I do get that they did that jokingly and I was never in a meltdown because of that, but nevertheless, I have to admit that it hurt me.

Maybe that is the reason why I am quite sensitive when it comes to racism. I have a keen ear for spotting a racist statement. Once I was in a meeting, our trainer introduced one of the big boss of the company, of Filipino descent, then as soon as he left, he commented that it is quite surprising to have him as a boss since we were in a multi-national company. I called foul that moment, but then again, it was not given much attention.

So here I am watching, The Help and I empathize with Aibileen and Minny. It is horrible to see how a bigot society can demoralize a particular race in this case. I remember watching Amistad when I almost threw up watching how the slaves were eating. It’s the way how discrimination dehumanizes a particular person that makes it really really depressing. If it wasn’t for Minny, I may have been crying right now.

The Help touched my heart, not because I want to dramatize my supposed taunted days back in high school but because the story was portrayed without any dramas at all. It may not be that raw, but you get the sense of truth at every scene. I do need a movie like this once in a while… and I think it was a good watch.

PS: How stupid Hilly is not knowing how shit smells?


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