Book Log: Revising Rules of Engagement and On Hank Rearden

For here on, Book Log will be only as Book Log per se without partiality to the current book I am reading at the moment. It will cease to be a Book Log of something as I think the main purpose of this series is to highlight by reading experience.

I hope you understand.


Now I am reading Atlas Shrugged by Ayn Rand. Nope, I am not going to whine at this point– it is too early for that. As you know, I love-hate Ayn Rand like no body else. I think of her as the greatest bitch in town but I could not actually blame her because she does make sense. I am inclined to think that she has not many friends during her living days (her characters speaks for herself), but nevertheless, I have to concede to her intelligence at a certain extent. I would love to totally side with critics saying she is a philosophy-poser, but I just could not. I really could not.

So far, I have been reading the first two chapters– eagerly subscribing to a-chapter-a-day phase. Hank Rearden is undoubtedly her character: anti-social, despised by society, a man-island that is. What I find interesting though is that an Ayn Rand character has been withstanding a quite mocking nature of his family. I would totally vouch that Roark would not allow people to mock him of his “selfishness”, but here is Rearden spending his time around insulting remarks of his wife and mother.

I just hope he walks out of them. After all, he is the one who makes the money for them. He has nothing to gain from staying from them. I hope he will act true to his nature as an Ayn Rand alter-ego.


Found this meme on Ayn Rand’s character. Funny. Funny.


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