To Spontaneity

I do not have serious life goals right now. For now, I just say that I need to have a car before I am 30.  It is just after what happened in college, I started to get lost…but I am so over it right now.

Right now, I just go with the flow. I am just glad that opportunities keep popping and I grab them as soon as I can. Most of the time I am broke (I still have yet to learn personal financial management), but it is fun. Running around the city is fun, and I like what I am doing right now. It makes me feel free. It makes me feel me.

I tripped and fell many times already and it was such a journey. Right now, I will just keep going on.

Here’s to positivity and spontaneity!


An Open Letter To Facebook From a Blogger

Heather Christena Schmidt

Dearest Facebook –

On behalf of the blogging community, I have to say: we are all feeling a little put out by you lately.

When you first came on the scene, we all jumped ship from Myspace and came over to you. It was fickle and – for many of us – a little hasty, yes; but you were so new and clean and fresh.

I’ll be the first to admit that you impressed us. You won us over with your charm.

You gave us the opportunity to have Fanpages, which was an awesome way to market our websites and blogs. It wasn’t quite advertising, but it really helped. You said there was a Fanpages community. You said it was free to join. “It’s free and always will be.” We jumped on board. We did the timeline thing when you asked us to. We worried about how many fans we…

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