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I love Latter Days not because Steve Sandvoss is freaking hot. If you could just try and watch that movie (be gay, that would help you appreciate it more), and I’ll vouch for it.

Why, hello there Steve!

Every time I listen to Tuesday 3AM, something inside me hurts. The song is painful– so painful, I can’t help but to cry.

Nothing, he says, can bring you back. He has nothing else to show but a pocket watch and a memory of a kiss in the snow


PS: This is my favorite quote from the movie:

 But what if you’re not? Huh? What if everything in my entire pathetic life, which I happen to love, has led to this point right now? What if, what if you’re the blinding light in the middle of the road that, that strikes me like the guy in, in…

Dammit! What is wrong with you? You want revelations engraved in gold and angels trumpeting down from heaven. What if this is it instead? Me telling you I love you. Right here – in the snow.

Sentence first

As a child I used to draw things like animals and people using only the letters in their names. I would stretch and contort each word’s curves to evoke the shape of what it referred to. It’s a game I’m sure many have played. And I liked drawing faces that were also faces when you turned the page upside-down – like this matchbox set, but simpler.

So you can imagine the appeal ambigrams held. There’s an example above, or see Wikipedia for a basic introduction. I think I first encountered these shapes, also known as inversions, in Douglas Hofstadter’s books. They involve an artfully contrived symmetry whereby a word can be rotated, reflected or otherwise shifted but remains readable.

I recently came across the beautiful ambigram below: a perfectly symmetrical mirror alphabet from puzzle-designing wizard Scott Kim.



It’s immediately recognisable as the modern Latin alphabet, but…

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Random Musings

This is weird! I am in no mood of writing for these past couple of days. I have missed one deadline and here I am now, supposedly writing tons of reviews but just staring at the monitor with a Garnier beauty kit beside me.

Tomorrow I will be dying my hair brown. Dark brown to be exact. Not to far from the current shade of my hair. I would not dare to have a great diversion from my naturally black hair. Although I would want to have a red hair soon, I am too apprehensive for that for now. A dark brown will do for now. Perhaps.

I have something in my mind right now and that will- perhaps- constitute a blog post. But I can’t quite make it to a post. I write as I think– that’s what I do this time. That’s what I do all the time. I barely edit my work, thus the grammar lapses. But who cares! They can judge me! Nevertheless, I still I can communicate myself quite well.

Did you notice that I do use the word quite quite liberally these past few days. I don’t know why. Maybe this is another phase. I do not know. I am not really sure right now.

You see, this post is so random I bet you are bored reading this by now. To tell you the truth, I type this paragraph with my eyes away from the computer. Then I am now looking back and realizing that I did not have any mistake on those two sentences. I have a great typing skill!

Last Tuesday, I was so pissed about this lady who has a rebonded hair but I highly doubt her taste . A Canadian friend of mine remarked, “I don’t know why people can spending something for their hair, but still live in the slums.” Well, as I replied to Dr. Gan’s tweet, Filipinos have a flair for a show-off.

This is random. I’m so gonna publish this as is!