Random Musings

This is weird! I am in no mood of writing for these past couple of days. I have missed one deadline and here I am now, supposedly writing tons of reviews but just staring at the monitor with a Garnier beauty kit beside me.

Tomorrow I will be dying my hair brown. Dark brown to be exact. Not to far from the current shade of my hair. I would not dare to have a great diversion from my naturally black hair. Although I would want to have a red hair soon, I am too apprehensive for that for now. A dark brown will do for now. Perhaps.

I have something in my mind right now and that will- perhaps- constitute a blog post. But I can’t quite make it to a post. I write as I think– that’s what I do this time. That’s what I do all the time. I barely edit my work, thus the grammar lapses. But who cares! They can judge me! Nevertheless, I still I can communicate myself quite well.

Did you notice that I do use the word quite quite liberally these past few days. I don’t know why. Maybe this is another phase. I do not know. I am not really sure right now.

You see, this post is so random I bet you are bored reading this by now. To tell you the truth, I type this paragraph with my eyes away from the computer. Then I am now looking back and realizing that I did not have any mistake on those two sentences. I have a great typing skill!

Last Tuesday, I was so pissed about this lady who has a rebonded hair but I highly doubt her taste . A Canadian friend of mine remarked, “I don’t know why people can spending something for their hair, but still live in the slums.” Well, as I replied to Dr. Gan’s tweet, Filipinos have a flair for a show-off.

This is random. I’m so gonna publish this as is!


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