On why reading is good! Daniel lists the three top reasons why people should read books:
1. Critical Thinking
2. Creative Thinking
3. Literacy and Language Skills

Kay Solo

I hear it all the time: ‘People don’t read anymore.’ ‘I haven’t read a book since high school.’ ‘Kids are more focused on their cell phones than books!’ ‘We need to get people back into reading again!’

There’s all this talk about sharing the love of books with people and getting people to start reading again, and I agree. But I notice that while there’s a lot of talk about what we should do, there’s not a lot of talk about why. Why should we ask people to read? Why should they even care? What can they get from a book that they can’t get from anything else? When I play devil’s advocate and ask fellow bibliophiles why exactly we should campaign for people to read more, they typically falter and can’t really give me an answer.

Now, if you love books, you’ll know why books are great. It’s…

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