Book Log: The Last Song by Nicholas Sparks

Finally, another Book Log!

Yes, I know! It has been a long time since I last wrote a book log and to answer your question right now, nope, I am not yet finished with Atlas Shrugged. In fact, I have not touched AS for about a month now. Why? Rand will understand– I know that for sure.

Two days ago, I read Nicholas Sparks’ The Last SongI came to read this book only for a lack of a choice to read other books. First, AR-abstinence forbids me to read AS. Secondly, my friend Ann does not have any other book with her that I could borrow (Why borrow, you might ask. Well, I am too poor to buy a book these past few weeks.).

I actually avoid reading contemporary mainstream love story like Nicholas Sparks, Not that I hate Nicholas Sparks nor I am bitter in reading love story because of my lack of it currently, in fact I liked the movies. It is just that I do not really want to read these kinds of books mainly because I want to maintain this supposed reputation of “I-only-read-classics-slash-thought-provoking-books” that I am trying to pose as right now. I am not saying NS is a stupid writer though.

To my surprise, I found myself crying while reading the book. Of course I cried with The Notebook and the movie version of TLS, but I have to give it to Nick for making me cry. I have to admit that my tears are quite shallow for some reasons and Nick has captured the rawness of emotions en pointe that it makes the characters so real and honest.

Nick knows how to write an honest character- it is one of his defining points as a writer. It is hard to write an honest character because there is a level of credibility the writer has to establish. But making one is so easy for Nick. I have to give it to him.

PS. I finished the book overnight and I cried the most while commuting. I was crying in the jeepney and people thought that I was crazy.


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