I have friends who loves being late.

And so I am bored! You know how this goes: I get bored, I write in here about nothing really important nor anything that does not make sense at all. I even think that the previous sentence that I just wrote does not make sense at all.

So now you see I am actually bored.

A while ago, I decided not to write about what happened last night but I just decided that I am going to write about it anyway. Why did I decide not to write this thing? I thought what usually happens is normal. Why did I just decide to write about it now? The hell!

When I agree to meet someone at a particular time, I try so hard to be on time. Yes, I had my part of being late and all but with my high school friends, I always am the first one to arrive. Like yesterday, the party was supposed to start at 4 PM. I arrived at 3 PM, one hour early, because I do not want to be late. I concede that I may have arrived way to early but I had suffered waiting an hour before the party started. The truth is, I have suffered waiting for almost 3 hours waiting for my highschool friends to come. The worst thing I got, they did not even apologize for being late.

If there is anything I could say about my hs friends is that they don’t take time seriously. I want to admire them for having so much time to spend but a busy person as I am, I know better than make people displeased waiting unwarrantedly.   The problem with most of them is it seems like they do not care about other people’s time. I pity them for having this kind of attitude towards time. But I don’t hate them as much.

I tried to make them feel guilty every time they went late in our rendezvous but they do not care at all. They did not feel any sense of guilt (or at least that is what it appears to me). Paranoid me says that these people does not really care about my time and just go late for the sake of spiting me about it. I don’t know how to send the message to them  and it gets to tiring to at least tell them that, “Hey, at least I deserve a sorry for making me wait!”. But no.

This makes me sad and a little bit angry. I just really hope that they get to be on time next time.

Cross fingers


2 thoughts on “I have friends who loves being late.

  1. I know how you feel! Some of my high school friends do this, too, but one in particular never fails to annoy me. He’d usually be the first to set the time, saying we must all be early. Once we’re t the venue, he’d text that he’s on his way, a few minutes late. Then, upon arrival more than 30 mins to anhour later than schedule, he’d sheepishly say naliligo pa lang siya when he texted!

    I haven’t confronted him yet, but the next time he does that, makakatikim siya.

    • Ako naman I confront them to make them guilty and at least apologize to me that they were late. Pero wala parin. You know the feeling that you want to leave na lang but you want to stay just for you to look at them and make them feel sorry….grabe kaasar.

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