Book Log: Having A Bad Day and On Reading The God Delusion

This is a bad day. An unwarrantedly stressful day for me.

First, I looked like frigging medusa with my hair. I have to be honest though that this was my fault after I unwittingly decided, last night, to gather strands of my hair and twist them to a super coil and leaving them overnight. First thing I did earlier this morning was to uncoil them (which by the way, took me almost 15 minutes untangling them and cost me several strands of hair) and voila, I have little snakes in my head. Brushing them did not help though the coil loosened up; but nevertheless, I still had snakes in my head.

Secondly, due to the fact that I spent so much time in the bathroom, I was late for my first meeting. Not that arriving at that meeting made things difficult for me, it is just I don’t make my clients wait. I wait for them. And that is a personal commitment to my work. I failed myself.

Thirdly, for some weird reasons, Google had prevented me in accessing my account which produced a lot of stress for me this past few hours. My email is my life. As a person surviving the digital world without a mobile phone, I could not afford to lose access on my email, notwithstanding (See, i used the word “notwithstanding”. That means I am really stressed) the fact that it contains my contacts, important emails from clients and other work-related stuff, and other important documents. Good thing I am able to access it right now or else, you’ll see me in YouTube, right next to that AMALAYER video, going berserk with my computer.

Lastly, the fact that I was not able to access my email earlier, I have to overhaul my privacy settings to be sure that no information were compromised (Google suggested this)

This was a bad day insofar as I am concerned. So for a moment, I went offline just to take a break from the stress my online life was giving me. I went to the nearest Starbucks, ordered a tall mocha frapuccino, and read The God Delusion. Such a hard read as a stress reliever right, but I didn’t think of that. For the next two hours, Dawkins gave me a dose of logical reasoning. The result: my copy of TGD has marginal notes.

Dawkins is one of my most favorite authors. Not only he reinforces my amazement towards natural selection, I enjoy his witty logic as he lays his arguments to prove his thesis. Dawkins was the reason why I ventured to the possibility that I might be an atheist and he is a major figure in my journey in questioning belief and faith. Although I still have not taken a definite stand on my status of disbelief, Dawkins is a major influence to how I think and process thoughts right now.

Reading TGD for the second time relaxed me. It is weird that my de-stressor is a barrage of hard core logical deduction but it worked for me. Dawkins was a good mental exercise. Not to brag but I have disputed Zeno’s Paradox without the help of the internet. I know it is not a ground-breaking thing but nevertheless, I have demonstrated, at least to myself, that I can get to argue quite well.

With that, I am now back to work.

PS. Have I not carelessly segued from one thing to another? This book log is so random

PPS. One of my marginal notes that I made earlier:

For philosophers, a fact that common sense could possibly explain does not necessarily justify the soundness of explaining that fact.


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