Book Log: I am officially in the Dawkins Phase

Remember there was a time that I had an Ayn Rand phase? Well this time, it is Dawkins. I have finished reading The God Delusion few hours ago and I ended with the book having marginal notesLike what The Selfish Gene gave me, TGD is such an enjoying reading experience. Considering the phase I have been reading TGD (as compared to my phase on Sense and Sensibility which I still haven’t finished up until now!)it was a light read. Dawkins knows how to make these huge ideas in a more masticable way for me, and that is why I enjoy reading him.

In order to continue the Dawkins phase, I am now venturing out with The Extended Phenotype. I was about to read this book right after TSG but it was so hard to find a copy at the local bookstore that I have forgotten to read it. So after TGD, I have decided to read it. Nope, I dod not find a copy of the book at the bookstore: I got it online, in an ebook format. How did I manage to get a copy? I invoke my rights against self-incrimination.


So far, I am on the third chapter. Compared with the other two books I have read, this one is rather hardcocre. It has been a long tie since textbooks have bombarded me with Biology jargons, so I am still adapting (you get the joke right?). Luckily, I fer to understand and follow the lines of reasoning; but nevertheless, this would take longer compared to the other two.

So while reading the book, I encountered the part where Dawkins referred to a taxonomist named Cain on his representative adaptationist (told you there were big words). Well, that is just a background. Down the pages, he referred to “trivial characteristics” which are not essential to, in any way, anatomically, morphologically and physiologically (yeah baby! Hello, biologist me!), to the animal itself. The thing about encountering that part is that when I am about to annotate the page, I realized that I forgot the word as defined above. Of course I knew that word, but it has been at the tip of my tongue for about ten minutes. After repeating Appendix several times, I finally got the word: vestigial.

See, I still remember what I have learned at college. Reading this book seems (shit! tip of the tongue moment again!) nostalgic(got the word after a minute). Reading feels like college again but I am not apprehensive about it. Guess this will be a long read!

Now playing; I Wish I Could Go Back To College from the musical Avenue Q.


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