Book Log: Struggling with Big Dawkins Words

I was in page 154 of The Extended Phenotype when I realized that I barely understand the bigger picture. I quite understand some principles but, quite honestly, I am struggling to remember the things I have learned when I was in college. I don’t know if my failure to realize the bigger picture is due to the fact that , as Dawkins disclosed in the first chapter, the main thesis of the book is presented at the last 3 chapters. However, I still have the filling that I must, at the very least, get the little pieces of information Dawkins presents to establish the premises of his arguments. So, I decided to go back at the start and reread the things I have read.

This made me remember something. Few months ago, someone told me that I read books that I don’t enjoy and understand and what she was trying to say that I was reading the books I am reading just to show off. I have a hunch that the only reason she said that is because she wants to establish a sort of ascendancy over me. Of course what she said is not true. I read books, not because I want to show off, but because I enjoy reading them.

I concede to the fact that I may not understand some books that I have been reading, but followers of my Book Log series know that I rant here whenever I don’t understand something. We all encounter these incidents, right? I remember how I should have been offended with what she said had I not been in a difficult situation that time. Had I bothered to be offended, I would have retaliated more venomously.

Going  back to TEP, I also realized that after quite some time out of college, I might need to review what I have learned. Clearly, I don’t ordinarily need the knowledge of those things now, but something inside me seeks that kind of challenge. Dawkins is actually giving me a rather challenging time following his arguments on TEP. Reading this is taking sometime, and I guess more time than the normal span I read a 400-pager.


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