Just discriminated

Now that I am calmer, let me share to you what happened this morning.

As I was about to time in, the guard told me not to because I am not in “proper uniform”. I asked why and he replied that my heels are distracting. So naturally, I had cried foul because I was humiliated in front of other people in the lobby. I made a slight scene however, I was let in by another guard who is more polite.

I am new to the office and apparently, cross-dressing is not allowed. However, I was not told about this: there was no orientation nor was I given a copy of the employee’s handbook. Moreover, I have spoken with my supervisor worded. She said that although she respects my sexuality and fashion preference, she reminded me that the office is a conservative one. I have no questions about that, however, she allows me to wear flats but told me not to wear heels. I’m like what?! There seems to be a disconnect

I can tolerate tambays taunting me but I was so a mess kanina because I argued my way out of discrimination to the point of crying due to anger. Although I made my point clear I just felt discriminated at work. This is the first time I felt discriminated in the workplace as I came from a very liberal agency months ago. I was also shocked when one of my new office mate told me that our office is not Makati. I mean, do these people really argue like that?!

3 thoughts on “Just discriminated

    • Thank you Lira. For now, I decided to submit into the “conservative” rules of the office, although I am still demanding for a copy of Rules of Conduct. I understand that they might not be really comfortable seeing people as fabulous as me and I am not the push-down-the-throat gender equality advocate. I think I deserved more respect than the way they have treated me. I also have demand for a written and formal apology from the guard himself.

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