If I were a Congressman

If I were a Congressman and were to vote for the RH Bill, here’s what my explanation would be:

Speaker: What is the pleasure of the Honorable Fabulous Gelo Lopez?

Me: Mr. Speaker, I vote YES and may I explain my vote?

Speaker: The Fabulous Representative has three minutes.

Me: Mr. Speaker, I came here today with my head held up high and so ready to vote FOR the RH Bill. I wished to expedite the voting process and would have chosen to submit a written explanation of this Representation’s vote, however, hearing The Honorable Almario’s explanation disturbed my inner fabulousness and, here I am, forced to explain why I vote YES and why The Honorable Almario is wrong.

Mr. Speaker, some of my distinguished colleagues here voted NO saying that Human Resources is the best asset our country could ever have. This Fabulous Representation submits to that fact and agrees that Human Resources is the best asset of any economy has. However, the Lady from Davao Oriental seems to equivocate the word resource to commodity and this is what discomposed my very essence as a Fabulous Representative of my constituents.

Mr. Speaker, let me just say that The Honorable Almario’s dream to “Filipinize the world” is outright preposterous. If the anti-RH believes that Filipinos should be exported abroad, they should remember that these people do not want to work away from their families. The problem with the anti-RH side is that by arguing as such, they treat Filipinos as mere merchandise for sale! This is horrible! This Fabulous Representative is appalled and deeply insulted. And yes Mr. Speaker, I take this personally because the mother of this Fabulous Representative is a caregiver in Taiwan.

We should not treat our human resource as mere commodities. The government, in fact, should capitalize on our human resources; and that is what the RH Bill will actually be doing.   The RH Bill lets us capitalize on our human resources by providing them quality life– a life that they are in control of. Providing them quality life is giving them the choice on how they want to raise their family. Providing them quality life is not letting them suffer the pangs of poverty slowly gnawing on the lives of their children. This is not just about population control; this is about choice.

Mr. Speaker, let me just interject the fact that I am so proud of our colleagues who are voting today. We are making a great decision that will, at the very least, ease the troubles of our country. I stipulate to the fact that the RH Bill is the panacea of this troubled country–it never was. But Mr Speaker, by standing here at this august chamber makes me happy that,  finally, we have the balls to make a stand.

Mr. Speaker, this Fabulous Representation votes a sonorously resounding YES for RH Bill. And for the last time, let me admonish any attempt to commodify and insult the sufferings of our OFWs.

My distinguished colleagues, good evening!

We are suggesting odd jobs for Rep Thelma Almario of Davao Oriental so she could realize what it is like to be an OFW. Use #JobsForAlmario in Twitter.

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