On planners

I have bought the Moonleaf Tea Shop 2013 planner. It has this slick design that makes it appealing to me. I have no time to collect stickers from Starbucks, so what the hell, I just bought this one. This planner has that new book smell that bookreaders are addicted to.


Here’s what I have written on the first blank page:


2012 was such a great year for me. I jumped start my career, grew my network, and most importantly, gained new friends. Yes, there were setbacks; but nevertheless, 2012 remains as one of the best years of my life. I was not the whiny boy from the self-inflicted tragedy three years ago anymore. I think I am a better person.

Planners do not stay long with me. As much as I fancy to fill up my Google Calendar, my spontaneity defies every “plan” that I may have. I bought this planner not because I want to be as cool as the sticker-frenzied folks wants to think about having a planner.   I bought this planner because some say that planners induces creativity– and my job compels me to be one. I bought this planner in the hopes that next year would prove to be another great one.

I may have lost this planner sometime in 2013. More likely, I will get tired of this. My attention span is not that lengthy and I am as careless as always. However I promise one thing: Aside from writing in meetings and deadlines, I’ll enter some of my thoughts here– pure and unadulterated. And if ever I lose this and will, by fate, come into your hands, please continue on writing on it (but returning this will be highly, most graciously appreciated).

Here’s to a good year!

GeloLopez 🙂

PS. my hand hurt while writing this. I need to type less.



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