Book Log: Reading The Fellowship of the Ring

When I was in high school, I was frequently home alone during the weekends. So if ever I was bored, I would just get a DVD from my father’s collection and would run a move marathon the whole day. There were two movies that would be watching almost every month: Harry Potter series and The Lord of the Rings. Of course I have read the Harry Potter series as I grew up with it. As for Lord of the Rings, I thought it was longer than the dragging scenes of the movie that I was too afraid to read it. Flash forward to college, I frequently borrow The Fellowship of the Ring, but nothing happened. I never get passed the first chapter.

But two days ago, I bought my copy of The Fellowship of the Ring. There was a sudden interest in me to read the book. Maybe it’s because of The Hobbit movie (which was a good one by the way. Not that epic, but good), but overcoming the intimidation I feel for the book is such a huge step for me.

Now I am on my tenth chapter, and I guess, I will be finishing it just after Christmas. It’s not a long read after all. I just realize there are so much things that were left out from the movies.

Will tell you more about it. How about you? What’s your Christmas read?

PS. Still not yet finish with The Blind Watchmaker. Maybe after this. I:)
PPS: I just realized I never Book Logged TBW. Oh well. I have a long back log.

2 thoughts on “Book Log: Reading The Fellowship of the Ring

  1. Hi, just drop by….I’m still reading Oprah…it’s been on hold for quite a time…she is interesting…but I have so many things going 🙂

    • Hi there chonoon. Isn’t it hard to find time to read a book? Work and other important stuff take precedence but I always find time to read it. The thing is, you must find a book that would not be a chore to read.

      Hope you finish Oprah dear. Tell me about it as soon as you finished it 🙂 XOXO

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