Quick Coffee Break.

You should know that my Eric and I started our morning by signing a lease on a scary loft apartment, which begs the question of my faithful readers, “Can Julie Master the Art of French Cooking While Moving to Long Island City?!”

It is the first working day of the year and it was damn busy here in the office. I have two deadlines that need to be cleared before lunch. You might ask why I am blogging right now instead of finishing them up. Well, I am blogging this as a coffee break (writing this post while drinking my coffee).

The quote that appears above appears at the original blog posts at Julie/Julia Project. Finally, I found a copy of them after Helen shared my a treasure of a link. For those interested, here’s the link. To Helen, you know I love you very much.

So here I am cramming my coffee break with reading the posts and writing this blog. Well, reading Julie Powell is an actual break. Whenever I seek inspiration, I just refer to her. And now that I already have a link that will lead me to the original posts, my only problem right now is to avoid reading her too much, and forget about work altogether.

And that is why I am ending this blogpost right now. I have tasks to deal with. Later guys!


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