Book log: The Blind Watchmaker and Working Overtime

Reading Richard Dawkins, I realize that good writing should always have to be cohesion. You have to align your thoughts so that your arguments flow naturally and logically. It does not seem so hard for Dawkins to do that– or maybe, he really does have a good editor.

Why do I say this? I am almost finish with The Blind Watchmaker right now, and like  his other previous works that I have read, he knows how to present his arguments very well. All the while I digest his arguments, questions pop in my head, then he readily answers them in the next paragraph. It seems like Dawkins read his readers– like he knows what questions would arise right after presenting a point. The hell of a writer he is!

It’s 8PM and I am still at work. There’s two hours to go. I am writing this again because I am taking my coffee break. I am staying late here at the office because tasks are piling up and I am not an efficient worker if the backlog has started to deluge my task sheet. No backlog this year, that is my current mindset at work. If it will take me to work over time to dispose the day’s task, I will have to work overtime. A clean work desk, both physically and metaphorically, gives a good working aura.

So yeah, I will be tackling with PR tasks tonight and if possible, will start revising a year-long content calendar. And at 10PM, I’ll go home and will finish the last chapter of The Blind Watchmaker while I am on my way home.

How’s work so far? Do you spend your nights over time like me?

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