Book Log: Reading three books and being a workaholic

I have been so busy lately. I render at least 60 hours a week at work, but I am not complaining. In fact, I feel blessed–blessed by the fact that I have work, I am enjoying it, and it keeps me busy. You may think I am turning into a extrovert, caveman work-a-holic, but a quick visit in my Facebook timeline will tell you that I party a lot. How do I juggle them? Time Management. I feel content for now.

However busy I am though, I still read my books. I still read them on my way to work and just before I sleep every night. Yes, my pace is slower compared from last year, but my Goodreads monitor say that I am ahead of 2 books already. Reading is my only me time, and it is fun as always.

I have been so kalat lately when it comes to books. I am reading three of them right now. Crime and Punishment bores me, The Two Towers which I bought lately is being quite fun, and The Summons by John Grisham is now being frenzied upon. I may finish TS by the end of the day though, and it will take time to read the others. I may not have been writing in detail a lot but I will be finishing them especially now.

I have been in a meeting last night with some marketing people from a bookstore and we talked about the Book Log Series. I received a message from them few days ago saying that they were interested in sponsoring my 50 Book A Year project. After sitting with them, talking about my project, and telling them something about me (which I am really bad at), we will be meeting again soon to finalize some details.

This makes me so happy and so proud. I’ll keep you updated.

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