Best email I had….

I couldn’t be happier…

Two years ago I was so lost. Last year, I grabbed the opportunity to work again for what was left of my self-destructed dreams. And today, I received an email from Google’s hiring team, scheduling me for a phone interview.

You see, I was not supposed to be here right now doing marketing. I was studying molecular biology. I was supposed to be in medschool by now, channeling Christina Yang. But here I am right now, fabulously rocking it. I am enjoying this accidental career of mine, which I am content with. I am enjoying the long days: first to arrive, last to leave. I think that it is what is important.

Receiving that email from google makes me so crazy. Am I good enough? I like to believe that I am, and if not, at least I will be giving it a try. You know that feeling when few months ago, I was so angry at some people who I felt used me then spread gossips and ill-words about me; and then I receive that email– that is one of the best feeling ever. 

Google New York is offers me a chance to prove myself. I know for a fact that I must grab it and try. It is New York, I have been fantasizing about leaving there for years of too much watching Glee. The best part is, Google has free food!

The question is not about how good enough I am. The question is that, am I willing to move on and totally forget that dark, dark past. This opportunity must be a sign. 

I’ll tell you more about it. Hoping for the best.




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