The tale of the assuming security guard

It’s irritating how security guards, most of them, have delusions that they run the place. A while ago, a security guard called me names in front of my colleagues at work saying that she was reprimanded because I am not wearing my name tag. (I am not sure if I really did lost the name tag and I have yet to request for another copy of it). I asked her, who reprimanded her so I could write a letter to that person defending her because she is not supposed to be reprimanded for my own fault. I told her I do admit that I have been careless and will take responsibility for it. She could not give me a name which draws me to the conclusion that she was not reprimanded whatsoever.

Questions are:
1) IF she is really reprimanded for my carelessness, why can’t she give me the name of the person who allegedly reprimanded her? Is it even true that she was reprimanded?
2) IF she is really reprimanded for what I have done, does it warrant her to humiliate me in front of my colleagues?
3) Now that I admit that it is my own fault, is it that the proper procedure to deal with it?
4) They say that she is pranka, does her duties and responsibilities as a security guard allows her to humiliate those who made a mistake?

It is sad that all the while you maintain a level of professionalism in this office, people seems to assume they could play their tricks on you. It just so happens that I was busy the whole days, coordinating with COMELEC, preparing up for our campaign, covering for people who happen needs help; and there they are bullying you. I am good at my job and I am no stupid. IF she can do it to other employees, well this has got to stop right now because first thing in the morning, I am going to talk to her supervisor or even to the president of this company, if I must.

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