Morning Musings

Sharing you my morning musings yesterday, posted in my facebook.

Morning musings:

Most of the time, we hear people complain how hard their jobs are: how they are deluded by tasks, and how they think they are being taking for granted and/or harassed. I cannot be hypocritical about this, though. I, at least once, been to that phase.

But these past few days, I feel so blessed with the fact that in the days ahead, I will be so busy. I am just saying this because at one point in the future, you might see me whining about stress and lack of sleep; but, those will be just petty issues that will be resolved right away. Being busy is bliss, and I like how my calendar is so full.

And although I did not get to pass my Google phone interview, there is always a bright side that came with it. I will be having a new team at work, and I will be spearheading a department initiative. In 6 months, Google will call me again and we will see about it.

I am grateful for all of these. This accidental career turns out quite well.

Good morning guys.


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